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Dust Suction Wireless Mite Remover

Portable Dust Suction Mites Remover Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable Dust Remover Brush with Large Suction For Bed Pillows Cloth Sofas and Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

1,499.00 3,999.00

  • Deep Cleaning: Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, 8,000 times/min high-frequency rolling beat and 2300rpm high-speed motor perfectly matches 10KPa strong suction.
  • High temperature: 254nm ultraviolet light and 50℃ high temperature hot air ensures high efficiency removal of pollution.
  • High-efficiency filtration system: Fully sealed filtration system effectively separates clean air & dust without leakage, regular cleaning of the washable filter can prevent suction loss & blockage, and maintain good suction.
  • Big suction and wireless design: 10kpa big suction and 0.7kg light body. The large-capacity battery pack provides 25 minutes of power-on time without a power cord, increasing safety for use, freedom to change your cleaning range, and flexible control.
  • Mattress Vacuum Cleaner: is enough to remove all the dirt from pillows, sheets, mattresses, sofas and even children’s toys. Very easy to clean, a smart device for your family. The best gift for busy mothers and wives.
  • Easy to clean: The dust cup is removable and washable. The removable HEPA filter is easy to clean under the faucet without reducing suction or dust clogs. Note: Use after the filter is dry
  • Lightweight and space-saving: 0.7kg lightweight, easy and simple to use. Even if you use it to clean the whole house, you won’t get tired.
  • Effectively remove dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, animal hair and pollen, ideal for allergy sufferers and pet owners. The covered roller brush and optimized suction force allow dust mites and other allergens to emanate from the deep soft inner surface without damaging the fabric. High frequency and strong beat, you can quickly complete the removal of mites in different scenarios with only a little free time, without delaying your leisure life.


    9 Big Function:

    -Strong suction 10000pa

    -Large area beating can effectively peel off mites

    -100% acarid, comfortable and healthy home

    -Multiple filtration bid farewell to secondary pollution

    -UV 99.99% sterilization

    -Cyclone dust from funny dust mite

    -No consumables for water washing of visible dust cup

    -High frequency tapping 8000/min

    -One button switch is simple and convenient

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