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Mosquito Bat with UV Light Lamp

Mosquito Bat with UV Light Lamp Five Nights Mosquito Killer Autokill 2-in-1-Mosquito Racket 1200-mAh Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Handheld Fly Swatter Electric Boards Set

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. For the first use, please charge it for 4-6 hours before using.

2.There are 4 blue light show the power state:25% when the one light is on; 50% when the two light is on; 75% when the three light is on; 100% when the four light is on. Please charge it in time when only one light is on.

3. When charging, the blue indicator light will be shink, stoping shink means fully charged.

4. Please make sure keep children and pets away to avoid touching it.

5. Please turn off the power after use.

6. Please clean the bug zapper every week.

7. Never use the wet towel or water to clean bug zapper racket to avoid causing a a short circuit.

8. If you do not use the mosquito zapper for a long time, please charge it once a month.

instant kill

With 3,000-volt grid, bugs are quickly and humanely electrocuted by fly swatter and fall to the ground or in the grid.

Clean with a soft, dry cloth to avoid causing a short circuit.


Don’t worry about risk of shock! 2 exterior insulation layer and 1 interior ABS protective layer will not leak electricity and is resistant to deformation. It’s safe for human by touching the mesh in an inadvertent.

large size zone

Tennis racket degisn, open surface size: 9.8″ X 8.6″. It provides ample coverage, making zap mosquitoes more easier and funny.

USB charging makes it convenient to be recharged and carried. You can use this electric mosquito swatter indoor outdoor bedroom kitchen garden camping picnic BBQ etc.

The built-in 18650 Li-battery with 1,200mAh capacity provides up to 10,000 zaps in a single charge.

The built-in 18650 Li-battery with 1,200mAh capacity provides up to 10,000 zaps in a single charge.

Used as Mosquito Swatter You can get rid of mosquito or flies easily once they touch the 3000V powerful electric mesh.

Used as Bug Zapper The electronic mosquito zapper use a high-effective light to attract mosquitoes, flies and gnat, then the high voltage grid will electrocute these insects immediately

2800 + high density mosquito control grid.

The diamond-shaped staggered dense net makes mosquitoes have into not out. Front and back for the safety net, human contact will not be electrocuted. The middle layer is an electric mosquito control grid, which is a safe current for the human body.

Safety double switch + comfortable handle.

Separate safety switch for bug zapper racket, avoid misoperation and reduce power consumption, safer to use. The grip is comfortable and easy to use.(When manually exterminating mosquitoes, under the NO1 button, you need to keep pressing the power button to open the mosquito mode.)

Anti-overcharge chip.

The power supply is stopped as soon as indoor fly zapper is fully charged, with its own power protection system, and the standby power consumption <5%.

  • Product size: 17.5 inches * 7.3 inches
  • Voltage: 3000V
  • Rated power: 1.5W
  • Lithium battery: 500mAh
  • Charging input: USB charging
  • Product color: white
  • Materials: plastic


  1. A USB charging case is provided.
  2. Shake the handle and press the switch button to activate the mosquito control mode you want.
  3. Once the mosquito comes into contact with the fly zapper racket net, it can’t escape. When any part of its body gets close to the grid, it ends up getting an electric shock, and an immediate shock.
  4. Dead bugs on the electric fly swatter net can be brushed off or shaken off.

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