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Rotating Rolling Movable Mini Stool with Wheels

360 Degree Rotating Rolling Movable Mini Stool with Wheels, Backrest Low Height Rolling Stool, Short Small Stool Chair Pulley Wheel Stool for Kids and Adult Fitness

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  • No More Sore Backs or Legs: When you need to squat up or kneel on, sitting on a low stool can protect your knee joint and lumbar spine prevent from bending or squatting for a long time press or damage your joints.
  • Soft and Quality Cushion: Made of quality sponge that is covered with skin-friendly PU leather, our rolling stool cushion is very soft and elastic, and can therefore fit seamlessly to your body shape to divert pressure and provide you a cozy sitting experience
  • Smooth Rolling and 360 Rotating: Our mini roller seat is equipped with 4 universal wheels that allow it to move in any direction smoothly, and is therefore suitable for floor mopping, corner cleaning, and other works that require moving
  • The rolling stool with wheels can be used as a stool. And it can also be used for pedicures stools, nail beauty, for home office workers and more
  • Water-Proof Material: As our roller seat surface is made of water-proof PU leather, you don’t need to worry about accidentally splashing water onto it and waiting for days to dry. Simply wipe it with a towel, and it will be completely dry again.
  • The height of the small chair is 14.9 inch.
  • The height of the small stool from the floor to the cushion is 7.9 inch.
  • The width of the modern stool is 11.4 inch.
  • The length of the cute chair from front to back is 11.8 inch.
  • The cushion of the small stool is filled with highly resilient foam.
  • The cushion of the small stool is surrounded by soft leather.
  • Leather is a material that is pleasant to touch and comfortable to sit on.
  • Leather is not afraid of water, not afraid of scratches, and very good at cleaning.
  • Small chairs in each color with clear acrylic backrests.
  • The curvature of the backrest is carefully designed according to the structure of the human back.
  • No matter what you’re doing when you sit on it, it’s a great way to rest your back.
  • The cushion of the small stool is made of three layers of material.
  • The outermost layer of the small chair is clean leather.
  • The center of the small chair cushion is thickened support layer.
  • The small stool cushion has a very soft foam interior.
  • This cute little chair is highly supportive.
  • The frame pipe wall of each small stool is thickened.
  • Adults and children alike can sit comfortably on it.
  • 4 universal pulleys on the bottom of the stool.
  • Each wheel is able to rotate 360 degrees.
  • You can sit on the stool and move it around with ease.
  • When you are taking care of your child, you can sit him in a chair and allow him to move freely to other places, saving you the time of taking care of your child.
  • When you’re cleaning out the gaps in your floor tiles or cleaning up your floors, you’ll be more comfortable sitting in this cozy little chair.
  • Instead of bending down every time you change your shoes at the door, you can simply sit on this compact chair and change your shoes with ease.
  • When you receive the package, you can compare and check if the parts are missing according to the pictures.
  • Then follow the steps in the pictures or the text below to assemble.
  • First flip the part with the cushion over and put the frame against it.
  • The next step is to align the four screw holes in the frame and tighten each screw with a small wrench.
  • Finally, align each wheel with the pipe and press down with a little force and you’re done!

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